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Tuesday, April 07, 2020

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     The secret of building wealth is via the actual ownership of a real estate property instead of paying rent to your landlord.  While many may think owning a home is quite difficult, one may find that in today's market especially such low interest rate, one may be able to own a place easier than one thinks.  I believe everyone would agree with the idea that owning is better than renting.  The fear of owning a home in many cases are due to lack guidance, and real estate knowledge.  My service here is to provide you the guidance as a professional and help you achieve your home ownership goal as successfully as possible.  

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Thursday, 25 July 2013 21:46

Foreign Buyers- Capital Gained Tax

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As a foreign or even out of state investor, you will need to know HARPTA and FIRPTA tax withheld.
HARPTA is 5% of the sales price, and FIRPTA is 10% of the sales price.  These amounts are withheld to pay any Capital Gains taxes that may be due upon the sale of the property.    The foreign owner must file for payment of taxes on any capital gain, and the amount collected under HARPTA and FIRPTA is used to pay the capital gain tax.  The foreign owner may get a refund if the amount withheld is higher than the capital gains tax.   Capital Gains taxes are not income taxes.   The Capital Gains tax is a fixed percentage and does not depend on earnings.  State is 7.25% and the Federal is currently 18.6%.   
Keep in mind that the 5% and 10% is calculated on the sales price.   These amounts are withheld by escrow, and the investor has to file tax forms with both the State and the Federal Government to get any refund.   
Note: We recommend the buyer to talk to a licensed CPA person to understand the refund process.
外国投资人必须要了解, 买卖房地产在美国的税务。
在夏威夷如果您是外国投资人, 在卖房子的时候, 成交价的 5% HARPTA (夏威夷政府) 以及 10% FIRPTA(联邦的税) 会在 交易的最后被ESCROW 先扣下预付给 相关单位来付Capital Gained Tax.
州政府 是 7.25% ,  联邦 是 18.6%
请了解, CAPITAL GAINED 的税 是在 NET PROFIT上面 (净利上面)而不是成交价。
也就是说 您之前被扣下的 HARPTA以及 FIRPTA 也许会多过 最后CAPITAL GAINED TAX。
其差价 再您报年度税的时后 可以申请 退款 Tax Refund.  
如果还有更多相关问题, 我们建议您与 职业CPA 询问。  如果有需要我们808商业联盟里面刚好有可靠的 CPA 可以为您服务。
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